This is one of our Cradle Coach Exclusive Membership packages and our most popular package for families who prefer a personalized phone conversation and extensive follow up email support. This package includes over-the-phone sleep training and ample seven days of follow-up support. During our initial phone consultation, we will discuss in detail the sleep issues you have been facing and ask specific questions, listening and analyzing your sleep challenges. Based off the information discussed during our consultation, we create a customized sleep plan for your child, one that you will feel comfortable using and matches your baby’s personality and your parenting philosophies. We will then schedule a training call and discuss in detail your sleep plan so that you feel confident implementing it. You will leave away with a sleep plan that you can begin using right away and have the support that will help you succeed in obtaining healthy sleep for your child. We want you to have continued support on your sleep journey – with this package we offer you the opportunity to join in on our exclusive Cradle Coach Sleep Chat membership group on Facebook for up to 3 months. This allows you to have questions answered by one of our sleep consultants and have support from other Cradle Coach clients who have purchased our exclusive membership packages.

Specifics include:

  • A thorough intake and evaluation of your child’s current sleep habits and concerns. This is done before the actual training call.
  • A virtual tour of your child’s room, making sure the environment is perfectly suitable for sleep!
  • A customized sleep plan, created to give you thorough information and a proper technique to move forward on your child’s sleep training.
  • A telephone training call. This is where we discuss in detail the sleep plan created and how to successfully implement the techniques.
  • One week of email support. Once you start the new routine, you can email us at anytime to ask questions, gain clarification, or just to update us on the progress for a full week after you begin implementing your plan. We will also check in daily to coach you along the way and ensure we are on a path to success.
  • Admission in our exclusive Cradle Coach Sleep Chat Facebook group for up to 3 months, where you can ask questions throughout your child’s first four years.
  • One 20 minute call to use at anytime after six months of purchase.