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You’ve read the books, the blogs, scrolled social media, and talked to all the moms you know, but the problem is still the same: your child won’t sleep. You’ve probably purchased downloads and guides or tried a “sleep hack” from a stranger you follow online. Nothing is working.

What if there was a different way? A sleep plan created by a certified sleep consultant, who takes the time to get to know your child, your family, your routines, and values. That’s what we call: sleep magic.

Sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all.​


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If you’ve tried following a printable guide and had a hard time sticking to it, or the approach used does not seem to fit your child’s needs: it’s time to bring in some help!

Like you, we are a team of moms who also struggled with our child’s sleep. We quickly realized a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Our families, children, and lifestyles are all different! So why aren’t our sleep training methods?

One-on-one support to give you the tools and the confidence to reach your child’s sleep goals.​

We have made it our mission to create the perfect custom sleep plan that suits your child’s personality, all while staying in line with your comfort, desires, and goals. We will work with you in developing a plan that you are comfortable with and ready to do while giving you the guidance and support you need to make it through the process!

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Your Customized Sleep Plan

How It Works

need sleep?

Choose the sleep package that best fits your family’s needs, based on the amount of support you need. Not sure? Book a call with us!

Complete intake information so your sleep consultant can create your child’s personalized sleep plan based on their personality and your parenting philosophy.

We walk alongside you every step of the way with our one-on-one support, give you the confidence to reach the goals you’ve set for your child’s sleep and cheer you on to success!

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How to handle setbacks & regressions​

Nap training action plans​

Personalized sleep training techniques​

Customized sleep plan that includes a daily schedule with a breakdown of routines, recommendations, and advice​

Sleep Intake Form to get to know your child, family, and goals​

Custom Sleep Plans

all custom sleep plans include:

Which Package is Best For Your Family?

  • Not looking for ongoing one-on-one support
  • Have previously sleep trained or feel confident committing to a the process as long as you’re pointed in the right direction
  • In need of help nailing down an age appropriate schedule or deciding the right method for your family

if you are:

A DIY Course is for me!

Sleep Cure Courses

Full Custom Support

if you are:

  • Desiring to speak with a sleep consultant about the plan or receive a video with specific instructions before getting started
  • Looking for one-on-one support when implementing the plan
  • Ready to commit to the process but need extra accountability or support

FULL support is for me!

MAX support is for me!

if you are:

  • Anxious about getting started but in need of great change
  • Looking for ongoing accountability in order to stay committed to you plan
  • In need of a professional to tell you exactly what to do on the first night of training
  • Feeling like your specific situation is extra challenging

Max Custom Support

Fran Torres

Once our son started getting quality sleep, he was much happier and developing so fast! He was rolling, crawling, chatting and enjoyed outings once he was fully rested. Once Mom and Dad started getting quality sleep again, we were able to be better parents and enjoy every moment with our boy. Mom was even able to work through her PPA! Thank you, TCC!

[they] saved our family!

Yarenis Monne

We were very nervous about the process because he is a toddler. We did recieve an amazing plan from Rachel and she explained it so well; we knew this process was going to work. We are so happy with the result and that it worked so quickly. We saw results soon as Night 2. Husband and I are happy we finally have better sleep and our son is on his way for the best sleep ever! Thank you a million times!!! worked so quickly.



This is best suited for parents who are looking for us to walk alongside them during the first week as they execute the custom plan created for their family.

This package comes with a full intake of the child, a custom sleep plan based on the information gathered, a choice of a video training call or a telephone training call to go over every detail of the sleep plan, and a full 7 days of unlimited email support.

Single Sleep Rate - $399

Full Support

Twin Sleep Rate - $499

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Sign Me Up! I'm In!

This is our maximum full training and support process. We join you virtually on a live Zoom or FaceTime call to watch you execute the custom sleep plan we created for your child. 

This package comes with a full sleep intake for your child, a room tour to make sure the room is perfect for sleep, a custom sleep plan, a 2-hour live virtual training session to discuss in detail your sleep plan and help you execute the plan as it’s occurring, 14 consecutive days of email follow-up support and 2 phone calls that can be used up to 3 months after the support is complete.

Single Sleep Rate - $699

Maximum Support

Twin Sleep Rate - $799

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Sign Me Up! I'm In!

Rachel is our Senior Sleep Consultant and has been a part of The Cradle Coach team for nearly 10 years!

In that time, Rachel has personally supported over 1,000 families with one on one support, leading them to improving sleep for their family.

Rachel serves as a mentor and trainer for new Sleep Consultants at The Cradle Coach Academy, but her biggest passion is helping tired moms and dads like you get the best sleep possible for your entire family.

As a mom herself to two beautiful girls who keep her on her toes, Rachel understands the challenges of parenting firsthand and knows that getting insufficient sleep makes things that much harder.

If you are ready to go from surviving these precious moments with your child, to thriving – it’s time to make gentle changes and give your child the sleep they need!


meet Rachel

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Get Your Custom Sleep Plan!

Buy a sleep package today and within 24 hours you’ll be in contact with your sleep consultant, Rachel. Get sweet dreams for your child today and for years to come!

If I start with a different package, can I upgrade to another one if I feel I need more?

The Cradle Express package cannot be applied to the purchase of another package. With the other package options, you do have the ability to upgrade if you need to. However, we usually suggest doing so prior to putting your into action so we can be certain to walk you through it. This way, we are not continuing to make multiple changes for your child.

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How quickly will I get my plan back (and/or have my training scheduled on package chosen)?

You will always hear from your sleep consultant within 24 hours of purchasing a plan. We then ask for a minimum of 24 hours to create your plan and get it back to you.

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Do you offer a discount for return clients?

Because each of our sleep plans are custom to each individual child, we do not offer a discount for returning clients. We want to be sure to provide you with a custom, detailed plan each time you need us!

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Do you guarantee results?

Since we cannot be certain of that the implementation of the plan will be follow exactly as we write it, we cannot guarantee results. However, we can guarantee that we will provide you with every detail that you need to be successful and we are 100% certain it will work as long as you follow your plan as intended.

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Does my baby have to Cry It Out?

Cry It Out is a type of sleep training method. While this is a successful method, we know you can do that on your own. We will choose a method for your child based on your child's needs and your parenting philosophies. Crying is almost always involved but only because we are changing the process your child currently knows. That is not to say your child will be left unattended, to cry on their own until they fall asleep.

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