Hi, I’m Marli!

My name is Marli Klaus and I am the luckiest wife to my incredible husband and mother of three amazing children. 

When I had my first baby, I thought I had things under control and that it was going to be a lot easier than it was. But even after years of experience babysitting children of all ages, nothing came close to preparing me for the birth of my first child. 

Things started out pretty great and I felt prepared to handle what I expected to be just a few weeks of sleepless nights. Once I realized that we were several months in and things weren’t getting better, I didn’t know what to do.

The string of sleepless nights and exhausting days left me feeling anxious, irritable, and unsure about my

ability of being a good mother.

And while there was support for other maternal challenges, birth coaches and lactation consultants, I didn’t know of anyone I could talk to about my daughter’s sleep. I had SO many questions and felt really alone in those first few months. 

While the sleep books offered advice, they didn’t offer support, encouragement or the invaluable feeling of connection with a person who can help and truly understand. 

I felt like I was second guessing myself at every turn and never knew what the right solution was. I read every sleep book, devoured what felt like the entire internet on infant sleep and went through so much trial and error.

We eventually did get our daughter to sleep through the night, but the process was grueling and not something I recommend. I thought, “There has to be an easier way.”

I went through a similar process with each of my other two children until I finally discovered the Sleep Consulting profession. I quickly became certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and started helping parents all over the world with improving their family’s sleep in a way that felt aligned with their parenting style.

In 2023, I got the incredible opportunity to take over The Cradle Coach from the amazing Melissa Perry who founded it. 

Sleep is so important for your baby’s health and your mental well-being, yet no one teaches you about it. We are grateful to be a go-to place for sleep support. 

As a mother of three, I know sleep transforms the health and wellness of not only your child, but your whole family. It’s my passion to give the gift of sleep to families all over the world!



Marli klaus

owner & Sleep Consultant

Rachel Fiorello

Director of Operations & senior sleep consultant

“worth every single penny

This was our second time using The Cradle Coach! I was more nervous this time with our son but reassured we would be able to accomplish our goals, and I would be able to sleep again. Having him on the schedule has helped not only me –but my entire household– and I know it is what’s best for him to finally get to sleep he needs, worth every single penny.

Alexia Haas

“I finally feel confident

I really loved how positive Rachel was during this process, especially on the nights when we wanted to give up! Starting this process, I cam in saying to Rachel that I am drowning in exhaustion, and I do not know how to manage bedtime or nap times with two children. Now, in just a week’s time, I finally feel more confident as a mom and that I can do this! There are truly not enough thanks in the entire world!

Katey Lew

Sleep Services We Offer

DIY GUIDES DIY guides and training for all ages.
Perfect for parents who want to simply read instructions and go for it all on their own.

COURSES Step by step video instruction specific to your child's age so that you can follow along and implement the necessary changes to have your child sleeping all night long as quickly as possible.

CUSTOM SUPPORT Customized sleep plan designed for your child’s needs with 1-on-1 support with a sleep consultant. Perfect for parents who desire a sleep plan catered to their child and their family’s routines.

our sleep


If we could change one thing about what we do, it would be to change the term “sleep train”. When people hear about sleep training or that you’re a sleep consultant, they automatically think they will be forced to let their child cry.

As your sleep guide, our mission is to find the right method of sleep plan that suits your family and situation. We don’t practice with one program or one method. We educate on many methods and our goal is for our parents to choose a method that they are comfortable with – provided it’s one that suits their child’s personality and temperament.

Babies can’t communicate their complaints like we can in regards to change. Who likes change? When a child is crying, more times than not it’s because they are fighting the change that the parent is implementing. We can’t promise you no crying. Chances are, there may be some crying involved in your sleep plan. We can promise you that we will work with you in developing a plan that you are comfortable with and ready to do. We will offer you the guidance and support you need to make it through the process.

Ready to go from surviving to thriving? 

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