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We LOVE Wayfair and the incredible furniture they have to make any child’s room conducive for sleep! Rachel had the amazing opportunity to share some of her sleep tips on how to get your toddler to bed over on blog. You need to read the entire blog post (here) – all the tips shared are truly helpful. But we need to brag about Rachel’s three for a minute because they are THAT important. Here were her tips:

Create the perfect sleep environment

Creating the perfect sleep environment can make a world of difference in getting our little ones into their toddler beds a lot easier each night. Be sure their room is as dark as possible. Use a white noise machine that stays on through the duration of the entire sleep period. Turn the air down and make sure their room is nice and cool (68-73 degrees is ideal).


Treat their entire room like a crib

Parents love when we tell them this because it is so easy to relate to. If your toddler is already in a “big” bed, this is extremely helpful. When they were in a crib, there weren’t many things to distract them or for them to get into. Treat their rooms the same way once they transition into a bed! Remove potential distractions, keep things in their room as simple as possible, and handle bedtime as if their room were one giant crib.


Stay consistent

If we had a penny for every time we used this phrase, we’d own the planet! Seriously though, this is crucial. Once a toddler realizes there is a way to get out of bed or a way to get mom/dad back into their rooms, they will jump all over it! Don’t introduce any new habits (holding them, rocking them, rubbing their backs, bringing them water, etc.) for the sake of making them sleep through the night. It won’t happen and will only create additional wake ups as they begin to request all of the things they decide they want each night!


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