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Taken by Leah Hartman Photography

Name: Jamie Hinkle?
Children: Two daughters – Kenley (almost 5 years) and Rowan (18 months) ?
Blog/Company: Jamie Hinkle Photography

Tell us a little about yourself? I love cursive, the movie cocktail, anything my daughter makes me, squeezing on my baby girl, heels (even though I am always in flip flops), sea glass, reading, cookies, donuts, basically anything I can dip into my coffee, traveling, staying up way to late, pasta, pizza.. okay CARBS, art, history, bubbles baths, random internet searches, and kitchen dance parties. Some things I love less… spider webs, menus that have too many pages, nuts in food, putting away laundry, or let’s be honest, folding it, running, unless I’m chasing my girls, and even then I wish they would just walk, and flights with lay- overs.

What inspired you to create Jamie Hinkle Photography? All the inspiration came from (finally) believing that I had enough talent to have an actual business doing what I love.. which is capturing moments in time. The decision to launch JHP in May 2013 wasn’t “ideal”… I had a 3 year old and was 5 months preg?nant, but I knew if I didn’t take that leap then, there would never be a good or right time. I’m a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal, so I went for it!

Best moment in career thus far? The absolute best moments are when clients get back to me after seeing their images, or more recently the video slideshows I’ve created and tell me that it brought them to tears. Those are the moments I’m after. I want people to be emotionally moved, to have a connection with the images they receive. In the hour I’m with clients, whether it is a family session, cake smash, kids, couples… I try and find who they are…. if you tell me looking back at that hour brings you to tears… well that means I got it right. There is no better feeling.

How do you balance the demands of your career, family, life, etc.? A lot of days I don’t. I’ve found balancing is not one of the things I excel at, but I’m constantly striving to be better. After two years, it’s still a lot of trial and error and most days I’m dropping the ball in one aspect. A lot of my photography work gets done when my oldest is in school three days a week, and when my youngest naps (thank goodness!!), and nights after they are both in bed. Most days end with me sit- ting on the floor in my kitchen texting (sometimes in tears) to my girlfriends..about how I’m failing as a mom, how I don’t know what I’m doing with my business, how I rewashed laundry 3 times because I keep forgetting about it. Right now, my balance is all about small victories.

Two things you learned as a mom that no one could have prepared you for?
1. That there is no limit to the amount of half eaten food you will finish. Grilled cheese crusts, half eaten yogurt, soggy cheerios… nothing is off limits.
2. Sometimes I find my kids comforting me. Kenley has always been compassionate but at 4 years old she’s saved my day more times than I can count. From the times she’s apologized and given me hugs without being prompted or came to check on me when it sounds like I’m getting frustrated. Rowan has been throwing her arms around my neck and giving me slobbery kisses. From the moment I held them in my arms, I was in love, but I don’t think I had any idea that at such young ages they’d be able to share their unconditional love for me.

Best advice you received: The best advice I’ve received is to “choose my battles.” I know there is a list of items I said I’d never do before I had kids, and even being preg- nant… that list shortened after my first, and is almost nonexistent now that I have two children. String cheese for breakfast, alright, no bath tonight, no biggie. At the end of the day making sure my girls feel safe and loved, that’s what I choose. Not arguing over my oldest fixing her own hair, dressing herself (that’s a sight for sure), or my 18 month old sneaking a vitamin c lollipops and m&ms from her big sister.

Something you struggle with as a mom: One of my biggest struggles as a mom is how hard I am on myself. I take every tantrum, every lesson gone wrong, every tear so personally. It can be difficult to remember that some days kids are just kids. Figuring out that their being upset and learning how to cope is just as important as tons of laughs and smiles. They will act out, they will have bad days, and it is not a reflection of my parenting. At least not all the time.

What have been the biggest challenges or obstacles you’ve faced being a mom and how were you able to overcome them? I’d say one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced being a mom is finding friends and starting new relationships with other women locally. I’ve always had a smaller circle of friends, but I think when you are starting a family and focusing on raising kids, it can be isolating. I often shy away from large groups and organized activities, so meeting moms has been a slow process. Having my oldest in preschool and my photography business really has helped overcome some of the awkwardness that accompanies meeting people.

What is the perfect picture of “you time”? It is absolutely the rare moments I am in the car alone. Usually on the way to/from a photoshoot and can turn the music up and roll the windows down. Don’t get me wrong I love listening to, “Shake if off” on repeat with my girls or singing whatever nursery rhymes she’s learning in school.. but every now and then I love a solid mix cd from high school and college. Yes!! I still have a cd case in my car, haha.



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