Lena Hyde of Lena Hyde Photography


photo by Anna Kuperberg

“This too shall pass.” The wise words from the incredible Lena Hyde. This mom is absolutely unreal! When I say she does it all, I mean she does it ALL! Lena is first and foremost a wife and mother to two handsome, young boys. In addition to running Lena Hyde Photography, Lena has established a name for herself as the go-to photographer in West Palm Beach. In 2006, Lena started Design Aglow; the premier online resource for information and products created for the success of professional portrait and wedding photographers. In all the busyness of every day life, Lena seems to always be wearing a beautiful smile on her face. With her hard-working attitude and her desire to keep her family first in all she does, Lena’s diligence will have you wanting to pursue a career with the same drive she has. Thank you, Lena, for taking the time to share the lessons you have learned as a mother and proving you can do it all with a smile on your face.


Lena Hyde of Lena Hyde Photography

Name: Lena Hyde
Children: Ethan & Cal
Lena Hyde Photography
Design Aglow
Design Aglow Frame Shop
Design Aglow Paper Shop

What are your favorite baby products?
My Vitamix! Great for making healthy, organic baby food, soups and smoothies. I have used it daily for years and absolutely could not live without it.

Two things you learned that no one could have prepared you for:
How much I could love…. and how much I could lose (sleep!). Totally worth it, but I am STILL perpetually tired. And, my kids are 10 & 11.

Best advice you received:
This too shall pass. Colic. Enough said.

Something you struggle with as a mom:
Living in south Florida is sometimes a challenge because of the degree of materialism and the importance placed on superficial qualities and possessions. We travel with our kids as much as possible to show them an outside world of diversity, culture, and things beyond our daily scope.

How do you balance the demands of your career, family, life, etc.?
This is tough because I love my career so much, but obviously family ALWAYS comes first. My husband and I carve out serious blocks of time throughout the year to travel and just *be* with our kids. In summer, that usually looks like 4-6 weeks living in another place and in spring and winter, we take off for 1-2 weeks. These are my favorite times and this is where our best memories are made.



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