Our Favorite Newborn Products

Babies, babies everywhere! We are in heaven here at The Cradle Coach, welcoming new babies to our “team” left and right. Our social media director Mary Grace welcomed her sweet baby girl Palmer just days ago, and currently, sleep consultants Kate, Kirsti AND Janelle are all expecting!

We’re pulling out our hand-me-down bins and trying out some of the more popular products of today at the same time, so we thought it would be appropriate to share some of our current favorites.

The newborn days are exhausting, beautiful, unpredictable and FAST. While we specialize in sleep training after 4 months old, we are still here to virtually hold your hand from Day 1. We’re in this together. Now, let’s talk newborn faves!

“I love the ready-to-go swaddles (SwaddleMe and the Aiden & Anais snap swaddles). I lived for those!”

“The Solly Wrap for me…both girls lived in that thing!”

“The Owlet was my favorite thing. After having a preemie in the NICU, it was so reassuring and probably the only reason I would get any sleep! Also, loved the Hatch Rest as our sound machine!”

“I loved the Love to Dream Swaddle Up because A wanted to have her hands by her face. Solly Baby Wrap for wearing her around the house and out about/planes when she was really little.” 

“The Snuggle Me Organic has quickly become my favorite product ever! I was unsure about spending over $100 on something as simple as a baby lounger, but it’s so cozy and portable. I take it from room to room during the day so Palmer can snooze while I entertain my two year old. The quality is great, and I’ve loved watching this “small” business become such a huge hit on social media. They deserve it!”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the Silkberry Baby Line of clothes and blankets. They are SO soft and organic! I love to gift them to friends having babies! 
Second one is the Nanit Camera monitor system. The family I nanny for recently got one, and I’m super in love with it!”

Moby Wrap and the Haakaa for breastfeeding mamas!”

“I loved my BabyBjorn travel crib light. I used it from the day they came home from the hospital until they were traveling around as toddlers!”



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My name is Melissa Perry and I am the luckiest wife to my incredible husband and mother of three amazing children. I have been surrounded with children all my life. I began my career as a babysitter at the tender age of ten helping my father care for my three little sisters. During college, I was a full time nanny and gained experience in all ages from infants to pre-teens.

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