As a parent with little ones, you know that naps are essential for a happy home and the well-being of the child. When naps turn into a struggle, it can often leave you feeling frantic and exhausted. Knowing what to expect and how to guide you along the first four years of naps can ease the anxiety that every parent feels. This survival guide is made to give you confidence, prepare you for what to expect, how to handle each situation that can arise, and establish a healthy sleep foundation for your child. 

In this guide we go over the following topics:

  • How to Survive Baby and Toddler Naps
  • Should I nap every time the baby does?
  • Should I wake my child after a certain amount of time?
  • Should naps always happen in the crib?
  • Should I keep a strict schedule or should I follow the signs of my baby?
  • How do I get my child to nap longer than 20-30 minutes?
  • The causes of short naps
  • The wake to sleep approach
  • Nap Transitions 
  • How do I know my child is ready to drop their nap? 
  • No more nap? Quiet time ideas to instill a rest period