The absolute greatest gift of being a sleep consultant is hearing from a parent the very first time their child sleeps through the night. It’s like Christmas morning when we receive that text message or email from our happy client.  Deep down, though, our secret mission behind what we do (and the real reason why I started this business 6 years ago) was to give parents a full night’s rest.  This goes especially for Moms.  They struggle with taking care of everyone else except their own well-being. That being said, there is one item that parents need to indulge in that can give them an even better night’s sleep – an item that they can’t skimp on – the mattress. 

When it comes to getting the perfect night’s sleep, it all starts with the bed. The right mattress can literally make or break your sleep. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to lay down on a bed of 1000 angel wings, an Agility mattress is for you! The amazing people over at Agility gave me the chance to review one of their Agility King Mattresses with you and oh my – game changer!!

I don’t think I have ever been this excited to receive a package before. When I saw the box sitting at my door, I literally screamed and called my husband to hurry up home so we could open it!!! It’s everything, you guys!  (Note all my opinions on this mattress are 100% my own. I will NEVER share something I don’t 100% believe in.)

     The Agility mattress is so simple to set up. You can see exactly how it’s done HERE. Basically, you open the box, take out the mattress that is rolled and covered in thick plastic wrap (it’s HEAVY to get out), lift the mattress with the help of your partner on to your bed foundation, roll out the mattress and cut the plastic wrap with the handy cutter they give you in the box. Instantly, you will hear the sound of the mattress naturally filling with air and you will see it begin to rise. Take all of the plastic wrap off and by the time you are done, the mattress is ready to be laid on! It’s unbelievably easy and kind of fun to watch happen.  

By molding to your body, the mattress actually moves as you move in your sleep. When you roll over, it shifts and changes with you. I am a side sleeper and can often wake up with a little pain on my left hip. After a week of sleeping on the Agility mattress, I have yet to wake up with pain. My other mattress was a bit more firm and never contoured to my body position. The ability for the mattress to move as I move has changed my aches and pains. It’s unbelievable. You shouldn’t ever be in an uncomfortable position with this mattress.

One of the highlights I noticed this week was that I slept more soundly. I am often woken by my husband’s movements as he shifts around in his sleep. It was like a ripple effect – he moved, I moved. However, with the Agility mattress, it doesn’t transfer motion so you should never feel uncomfortable or be disturbed when your partner moves in the middle of the night. Praise the Lord above!!! 

And moms, guess what…they have twin size mattresses for your kiddos!!! You can find all different size mattresses and foundations. I’m telling you, it’s the COMFIEST bed ever. The kids will fall right to sleep. I put Aiden (my two year old) down for a nap this week on the bed and he was sound asleep for 3 hours – longest nap he has taken in a while. YAY!!!

I absolutely LOVE it!!! I’ve recommended this bed to EVERYONE.  Oh, and I forgot one more perk –  you don’t have to deal with any pushy mattress sales. Just go online and purchase. No sales people to bother you! And, if you do ever have any problems, the people at Agility are AMAZING!!!

My Top 4 Absolute Favorite Things About Agility:

1) All of our Cradle Coach followers receive $100 OFF any mattress by using the code: CRADLECOACH100

2) The prices are UNBELIEVABLEA California King Mattress with a foundation is $1600 – add our coupon code and that’s a $1500 bed. (Compare that to any Memory Foam Mattress and it’s an INCREDIBLE deal for a Hybrid Mattress!)

3) Shipping is FREE!!!!!  Normally shipping is SO EXPENSIVE on these big-ticket items but not with Agility. It’s all free and there are no delivery fees.

4) Refunds are possible!! If it’s not exactly what you dreamed of, you can return it after 100 nights of sleeping on it for a full refund.



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