Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.
This question is probably asked each and every time we speak to a potential client. It actually is a question that makes me sad to think that the reputation for sleep consultants or the only way to “sleep training” your child is to do a full cry it out technique. That’s just not the case for us at The Cradle Coach. In fact, it’s why I created this company in the beginning.

When I had my first baby, I remember clear as day walking into the pediatricians office asking her how in the world are you suppose to get your child to sleep in the night. Hopeful that she would be able to give me a magic answer or some secret potion, but all she told me was this…YOU HAVE TO LET YOUR DAUGHTER CRY IT OUT. WHAT!!!!! Wait, like the entire night? Like longer then just two minutes? Longer then 10 minutes!!! I was completely stunned. Heartbroken. Torn to shreds. Stressed. And felt like I was the worst mother in the planet for even thinking that was a possibility. To this day the thought still gives me chills. How was I going to let my 8 week old baby cry it out. I was made to comfort, love, protect, and nourish that baby. There had to be another way. Was this really my only option?

And after three kids of my own and hundreds of little babies we have had the privilege of working with here at The Cradle Coach, this technique is NOT the only option. In fact, far from it. But many pediatricians continue to recommended a cry it out to a majority of families. I won’t lie – we do use a controlled crying technique but it’s not the only thing we use. We are about finding a solution that is best for your child’s personality/temperament as well as the parenting philosophy. The solution isn’t about fitting all babies to one technique. It’s finding the technique that suits your child.

Crying is something that is almost impossible to avoid. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and even adults cry! It’s an emotion that is natural. And when babies cry, it’s especially important as this is their only way of communicating to the world what they need. Is it something that can be avoided during sleep training? No probably not. Even with the non cry solutions, you will still see some sort of crying happen. It’s changing the habits of what the child has always known and working on a healthier way. Will they be mad, absolutely. But does that mean you have to let them cry it out – NO! Sleep training is a process. It’s small gradual changes that give your child the ability to learn healthy sleep habits. I’m confident that if you stick to the gentle technique we give your child, you will see the results. And here at The Cradle Coach, you have our word – we will never ever ever EVER make you do something you aren’t comfortable with or try to make you change your mind.

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