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Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce you to Jackie Wilson Waters, a wellness advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils. Jackie is sharing some of her favorite oils and is hosting a giveaway!  As always, this post is not meant to serve as medical advice, so please seek the guidance of your physician or your child’s pediatrician before introducing these products to your children.

My name is Jackie Waters and I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate in Auburn, Al. My background is in nursing, so my initial thoughts of an essential oil company was as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say, “HOKUM!” As I learned more and more about the company, the science, and the product, I was hooked. These products have changed the way I take care of my family!

I am so excited to be a guest today and to share with you what I know about essential oils. doTERRA®, a Latin word meaning, “Gift of the Earth,” was founded six years ago in Orem, Utah. doTERRA is raising the bar by creating a standard for oil purity that they call CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). The oils are all natural with no other fillers, additives, or contaminants, and are harvested from plants all over the world based on where the plant originated and grows naturally. I have been using these beautiful gifts for several years.

That’s just a little background on doTERRA , now onto to some of my favorites!

On Guard1) On Guard: The oil of protection. A blend of wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, and rosemary. I use this one every day on the bottoms of my feet. I diffuse it as well to keep the germs at bay! OnGuard is a must have oil for the cold and flu season.




DigestZen2) DigestZen: I love this blend. It is so good for tummy troubles! From constipation and diarrhea to heart burn and IBS, this one will make it all better. And it’s perfect for colicky baby when diluted 1:1, but be sure to consult your child’s physician before introducing it.*





Balance3) Lastly, my most favorite doTERRA Oil is Balance, which is formulated for emotional grounding. This is a blend made up of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense. After using this I feel like I can manage my anxiety without binge eating or crying in a bubble bath. Just as the name suggests, I feel balanced! My mind calms and my body relaxes. I keep this oil in a roller bottle in my purse. This is great for stressed out moms!



I would love for you to experience doTERRA, so let’s have a giveaway!  Follow this link to my Facebook page Essentially Blessed, like my page,  and tell me what oil you’d like to try and why on the post announcing the contest.

*When using doTERRA Oils on babies, always apply a carrier oil, such as Fractionated coconut oil, followed by one drop of the essential oil. DigestZen should not be used daily, only for acute situations. Example, apply several drops of coconut oil to babies tummy then one drop DigestZen and rub in clockwise. OnGuard and Balance can be applied to bottoms of feet after applying the carrier oil.



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