Guest Post: Tina From Doulas of the Palm Beaches


Bringing Home Baby

Bringing home your baby is one of the most eventful and fulfilling days of your life. That being said, it can also be somewhat overwhelming. With over 200 births Doulas of the Palm Beaches has seen it all, heard it all, and continues to learn a lot of good and sometimes not so good lessons along the way.
That being said, it’s no wonder we get asked these same questions over and over again, “what do I do once my baby is born?” And “what do I need for my baby?”

  • First establish and possibly meet with your future pediatrician. Your baby will have his/her first check up in the hospital. Although some hospitals have a pediatrician on call it’s nice to have the doctor that you chose come see your baby and admire your little one for the first time for that A ok discharge from the hospital or birth center.
  • Make sure the car seat is age appropriate and installed correctly into the car. You will not be able to take your baby home if you do not have a car seat in place. (Make sure to buy an infant head support so that the baby’s head stays somewhat in place).
  • If you are able to breastfeed we would encourage you to be confident in this and realize that you are your baby’s main food source, work together to make this an enjoyable and bonding experience. Bring a Boppy to the hospital or use pillows, works wonders!
  • Swaddle blankets, burp clothes, bottles for those dads / partners who want to help take on a feeding. (With pumped milk , or formula for the baby that isn’t able to breastfeed for one reason or another) More ideas include the following:
    1. Diapers / Wipes (Either hand made or regular)
    2. Take home baby outfit
    3. Nursing Bras (Hospital / Home)
    4. Comfy loose clothes for mom
    5. Baby album for finger and foot prints (Hospital)
    6. Camera (Hospital)
    7. Snacks (Hospital)
    8. Sweater for dad (Hospital)
    9. Bassinet / Crib / Co-Sleeper (Home)
    10. Onesies (Home)
    11. Breast Pump

    The bottom line is this, all your baby really needs is you! Babies sense when you are stressed, anxious or worried. Relax, take a deep breath, watch for your baby’s cues and enjoy the moments, each and every one. For more information about the services that the Doulas of the Palm Beaches offer, please go to their website at




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