We started sleep training Max when he was 3 1/2 months old after Max’s daddy surprised his wife with a Cradle Coach gift certificate in her Easter basket. (So sweet, right!). Max had been sleeping in a pack-n-play next to his parent’s bed, waking up every hour, and feeding sporadically throughout the night. There wasn’t a set nap time or feeding time throughout the day, so things were a little chaotic for Kelly and Renzo.


Words can’t describe this little guy. He is tenacious, full of love, and driven like no other baby I have ever met – all I am going to say is Hello future Mr. President!? We started off Max’s training by moving him to HIS crib, in HIS room! Kelly created a beautiful nursery for Max where he was comfortable and cozy so the transition to his crib was easy. After a few days of sleep training, Max had been doing fantastic. Stretching his feedings at night, adjusting to the method we used for him, and showing all the signs of consistency when the dreaded growth spurt appeared. He was fussy, wanted to feed all day, and had no desire to sleep. But Kelly pushed on through. She stayed consistent with the routine and did not give up. He made it out of the growth spurt and immediately went back to his sleep training routine. It was amazing – and all because Kelly stayed consistent! For a few days, Max was sleeping from 7pm till 7am. He was taking an hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap. It was perfection… until a sudden change occurred. Max had a few nights of very early wake times and then a night where he was up every hour for most of the night. I was dumb-founded. In all my sleep training experiences, I had never seen such a drastic change. Kelly went to see her pediatrician and soon enough, discovered Max had been cutting teeth. Once we realized this, Kelly gave him some pain reliever before bed and Max went back to sleeping from 7pm till 5:30am. This goes to show, never give up. Stay consistent and your baby will stay consistent, even during those hard times.


My Magnificent Max is doing fantastic! He is sleeping at night from 7pm till 7am with one ‘dream feed’ that is slowly being weaned off. Max also takes two great naps throughout the day and has learned to soothe himself to sleep without needing a pacifier. Kelly and Renzo are incredible parents who proved that hard work will be rewarded. Thank you for giving me the pleasure to work with Max, I am doing the happy dance for you guys!!! Enjoy your sleep. Sweet Dreams!



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