Product Review: The Elegear Revolutionary “Cooling Series” Blanket and Pillowcase

I’m going to be honest. After having babies, I am hot 90% of the day. You should see my husband fight over the thermostat after I’ve dropped it a few degrees. He acts like he is sleeping in an igloo or something (dramatic much!). Meanwhile I am ripping the covers off of me and looking to find ways to bring the temperature down to sleep soundly.

Being in the Florida heat, we were super excited to try out the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Series Blanket and Pillowcase (aka the “cooling blanket”) – especially on those days when you’re looking to cuddle up with a blanket on the couch, but don’t want to get overheated (you know, and then you’re sticking one foot out of the blanket to regulate the heat?)

This blanket is definitely cool to the touch on the “cool side”, and it’s also lightweight that allows you to be covered, but not suffocated. It is perfect for these Florida summer months, and I could also see it being comfortable outside on the porch during the Fall/Spring as well. It did have a chemically/plastic smell when it first came out of the packaging, but a quick wash will do the trick. And impressively, even after washing it still remained cool! 

If you turn on a fan or lower your ac, you will find the cooling blanket and pillowcase absorbs the cooler temperature and keeps it locked into the fabric. I noticed a huge difference in the cooling effect when my temperature wasn’t as low as it was in the night. It still did the job but it was colder to the touch when the fan was on or the temperature was dropped.

Even if I have my little spiderman sitting on my lap in the day, being bundled felt comfortable. Normally I am sweating after a few minutes of snuggles but not anymore! I was able to enjoy all the snuggles and kisses I wanted.

My husband tried the cooling pillowcase and he was pleasantly surprised at how long it kept it’s cool during the night. This simple pillowcase really did make such a big difference. I noticed on Amazon that they come in multiple colors so finding one that matches your room or house shouldn’t be a problem!

Ready to beat the heat yourself? Here are some coupon codes to bring you closer to a cozier night’s sleep:

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