I absolutely LOVE a mother’s drive to create something better for their child than what they had experienced. Mix that with an incredible ‘why’ and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. The creators of Whisbear, The Humming Bear, did just that. Two moms decided they needed some help with their newborn babies and the sleepless nights they were experiencing. That’s how they came up with the Whisbear.

This bear is one of a kind. The Whisbear is designed to turn on a white noise when your baby starts to cry. This CRY SENSOR can run for 40 minutes and switches to a regular white noise once the time is up. Think about that. Your little one begins to cry after just putting her down for the night. She has been fed, diaper changed, and just up because she has associated you to sleep. The Whisbear can actually turn on this loud soothing sound to help calm your daughter and remind her what life in the womb was like. That capability is truly unbelievable for a tired mommy in the middle of the night.


The Whisbear itself is soft and plush with vibrant colors on his legs and ears. The ears and legs are designed for sensory learning and development. They have the rustle sounds when touching them and incredibly strong magnets in each of the paws to be able to place the bear on a crib, the stroller or car seat. The patterns designed on the bear are fun and well designed for girls or boys.



The only thing I wish the bear did come with was batteries. Having them in the sound machine ready to go would make any parents life that much easier. When I tested the bear with a client I had been working with last week, we noticed that the bears battery life lasted only for 3 days due to the cry sensor turning on constantly in the night. That being said, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as your ONLY sound machine. However, this would be amazing for nap time or while your child is in their carseat. Placing the Whisbear on the carseat and having the cry sensor turn on while the baby is crying would have been my dream when my kids were infants – they absolutely despised the carseat!

As a sleep consultant it’s important to note that the Whisbear isn’t going to allow most children to sleep throughout night. You will still need to teach your child how to find and use their soothing skills. But, the Whisbear is a great tool to have while you are working on their soothing skills. You can learn how to help teach your baby how to soothe here or purchase one of our sleep packages here.

To purchase this cuddle bear check out the Whisbear website or purchase one here on amazon!





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