As a new parent, bringing home a newborn can often leave you feeling frantic and uncertain on what to do next. Knowing what to expect and how to guide you along the first 3 months (0-12 weeks) of your child’s life can ease the anxiety that every parent feels. This bundle is made to give you confidence, prepare you for what to expect, how to handle each situation that can arise, and establish a healthy sleep foundation for your child for years to come.

In this bundle you will receive:

  • The Newborn Sleep Video
  • The Newborn Sleep Guide
  • The Bedtime Routine Checklist
  • The Nap Routine Checklist
  • Additional resource downloads!

And we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Baby Sleep: What is to be expected?
  • Night and Day Confusion 
  • The Art of the Swaddle
  • All About the Pacifier 
  • Babies Love White Noise 
  • Where Should Your Newborn Sleep?
  • Establishing a Sleep Routine for Your Newborn
  • Short Naps and How to Help 
  • How to Sleep Train Your Child 
  • Common Newborn Sleep Mistakes 
  • The First Sleep Regression 
  • What to Expect From Here on Out