In this package, we will coach you through the process in your own customized video sleep planmade by your sleep consultant. This package begins with an initial intake form, discussing all the ins and outs of each of your child’s current sleep patterns, their personality, your family lifestyle, and specific goals you have. The custom video sleep plan is then created and includes a daily schedule, the right sleep training method for your children, action steps to break your current habits and replace them with healthy sleep habits, and a sleep plan guide that includes information to help with future challenges that can arise. Finally, this package comes with three consecutive days of follow-up e-mails to support you in the process, answering any questions you may have. 

    Specifics include:

    • A thorough intake and evaluation of your twins current sleep habits and concerns. We take a look at the children as individuals. 
    • A tailored made video sleep packet, created to give you thorough information and a plan as you move forward on your twins sleep training.
    • Once you start the new routine, you will receive three consecutive days of follow-up emails to support and help fine tune your plan.