Let’s Talk Swaddles!

When I had my little boy 8 weeks ago, I made a promise to myself. 

I remembered how much I struggled with sleep with our daughter Palmer during those first couple months. For some reason, I thought the perfect bassinet or swaddle would be the answer. I touched on this idea in my SNOO bassinet review. 

The truth is…newborns just don’t sleep that well. It’s normal, though some sleep better than others! I think it’s sad that tired mamas are marketed to in a way that makes us feel like our babies might magically sleep through the night if we just “buy that swaddle.” It makes us feel like we’re doing something wrong when we just want the very best for our little ones!

Anyway, back to that promise. I promised myself I would choose a swaddle and STICK WITH IT this time! With Palmer, we eventually learned to love the microfleece Halo “sleepsack swaddle” — it was a little more thick, which comforted ME knowing she was nice and comfy in her swaddle. It was easy to use and seemed almost impossible to escape! So, that’s what I chose for our son Crosby. 

And I’m happy to report that I’ve…almost kept my promise. I did take a few nights off to review a couple new options. After all, I considered that a work assignment. I wanted to be able to speak to several different options, in case another tired mama came to me for advice or opinions. 

So, I did the “research” for YOU. Now, let’s talk swaddles!

I want to start with the Halo microfleece swaddle, since it’s my personal favorite. You’ll often see these used in hospitals, which I love. Hospitals can be rather chilly, so maybe that’s why they tend to be a favorite there. Still, please keep in mind this swaddle is, in fact, a 3.0 TOG swaddle. That means if your home runs warm, or you don’t have AC or some kind of fan in baby’s room, it might not be the best option for you. We keep our home rather cool year round (usually between 68 and 72 degrees) and always have a ceiling fan going. I feel comfortable dressing my babies in little footie pjs and this microfleece swaddle here, but, as always, use your “mom gut” and go with what makes you feel most comfortable and safe.









Things I love:

  • The microfleece is cozy and provides me the peace of mind I need in my chilly house.
  • The fabric does not stretch much at all, so my babies have never escaped!
  • The Velcro space is large, so it’s very easy to get a nice, tight swaddle.
  • The Halo brand is affordable, with swaddles at about $25.
  • There is a convenient double zipper for nighttime diaper changes.

Next, let’s talk about the Gunamuna Swaddle Sleep Bag Premium Duvet. The owner is a previous client of Rachel’s and was kind enough to send me a few items after I had Crosby. I was so excited to try this swaddle because it’s so unique! I was immediately blown away by how soft it was. It’s made of that silky, buttery bamboo rayon fabric we all love. It also comes in 3 different TOG options, though I don’t worry much about overheating with this fabric, since it does tend to stay cool. 

What’s unique about the Gunamuna swaddle is that the Velcro is on the inside of the sleep bag. So, you simply secure baby’s arms down and zip them up! The Velcro is nice and strong, but even if your little one did “escape” the Velcro band, their arms would still be zipped up in the sleep bag. So, that’s a plus. 

This product also doubles as an actual sleep bag, with zippers on each side that zip up the arm holes until your little one is ready for that transition. This is where my only critique comes in. The “arm hole zippers” seemed to ride up a bit, near Crosby’s mouth. While the neckline is very fitted and safe, the bulky sides seemed to irritate him a bit. If this product didn’t serve as both swaddle AND sleep bag, I think it MIGHT be the perfect swaddle. Alas…the perfect swaddle just doesn’t seem to exist. I love and understand the need for versatility here. Still, I would be okay with the $48 price tag even without the arm holes. 









Things I love:

  • This is some of the softest fabric ever! 
  • They use what they call a “4-way zipper” that allows you to unzip the entire bottom of the sleep bag for easy diaper changes.
  • I love the idea of keeping the Velcro band inside the sleep bag. It’s extremely easy to get baby all situated and zip him right up!

Lastly, I was beyond thrilled to try out the new Kyte BABY Sleep Bag Swaddler. In fact, I had my computer out and ready to go at 10am on the morning of their launch. I ordered 1, and my mom ordered 2. Ironically, they also sent me one to try in honor of Safe Sleep Awareness Month. I was so pleasantly surprised! So, we are all set for Crosby’s transition out of the swaddle…because the Kyte BABY swaddle easily becomes a sleep bag! And they make my very favorite sleep bags — by far. 

Like the Gunamuna product, all Kyte BABY items are made out of bamboo rayon and perfect for sensitive skin. What makes this swaddle unique is its removable Velcro band. The band actually attaches to the back of the sleep bag and can be completely removed when you are ready to stop swaddling. 

The band is made from Kyte’s luxurious fabric, so it’s very stretchy. This allows baby to have a little more movement. Still, with a tight fit, I don’t think it would be easy to escape!









Things I love:

  • I love that it functions as both swaddle and sleep bag. They say it can fit a baby up to 13 pounds, but I think you could likely use it a little longer.
  • There is a pretty big color selection – currently 11 different colors on the site. 
  • Once again, the double zipper allows for seamless diaper changes.
  • Stretchy fabric allows baby a little more freedom. Though, depending on your baby, this could be a good or bad thing!

Have you found a swaddle you love? Have you tried any of the above? I would love to know what works for you and your family. As always, feel free to message us with any questions you have. We are here for you and wish you and your little one the sweetest dreams!




I'm Marli

I am the owner of and lead baby and toddler sleep consultant at The Cradle Coach. I am a family-first mom of three, goal-oriented entrepreneur, to-do list extraordinaire, avid dreamer and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping tired families all around the world give their child the best sleep possible.


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