We are just a few short weeks away from my son Parker’s first birthday. After we put the kids to bed last night, my husband and I were reflecting on the last (almost) year and just how much our little man has changed. From his first sleep in the hospital to today, we’ve seen sleepless […]

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So, right now I am coming upon the time for the 2-to-1 nap transition with my 13 month-old baby girl. Some days she will take a morning nap and some days she will stay awake playing in her crib for an hour. For many of my clients this is always a questionable time to know […]

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Napping: It’s probably the subject we get the most questions about, and for good reason. Naps are incredibly important for your growing baby, and most moms and dads love knowing they’ll have a few breaks throughout the day! Before you had your baby, you probably thought that napping would be the easiest part of parenting! […]

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The best way to know when your baby needs a nap is to be aware of the time they wake from last sleep to next sleep. Keep a little journal and see if they’re giving you a pattern to their sleep cycles. Here’s a chart that helps you determine your baby’s range of awake time […]

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Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Taylor from the blog MomTricks. As a mother who has been through sleep training twice, I’m excited to share with you what I believe are common mistakes many parents make with it. 1. Being inconsistent. One of the keys to sleep training is consistency, and while you may think […]

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I am the owner of and lead baby and toddler sleep consultant at The Cradle Coach. I am a family-first mom of three, goal-oriented entrepreneur, to-do list extraordinaire, avid dreamer and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping tired families all around the world give their child the best sleep possible.

I had the opportunity to take over The Cradle Coach from its’ incredible founder, Melissa Perry, in 2023. For over 11 years, The Cradle Coach team has been supporting, educating, and partnering with tired, busy families, to develop customized sleep training plans for their babies and toddlers.

If you are ready to go from surviving these precious moments with your child, to thriving – it’s time to make gentle changes and give your child the sleep they need!


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